Thursday, February 10, 2011


I might also consider myself to be practical in the level-headed, efficient sense. I once told whoever I told, "...needs an efficiency expert." The company was AAI, speaking of Dr. Ahmad, he interrupts me, mid-sentence to ask "What is AAI?". Duh, the company I worked for at the time. I was talking fast, motor-mouthing it, because as I often say "Takes to long to tell". But before I expand on that thought, let me stay on-topic.

Was I always efficient? Likely a trait acquired through practice. Practicing could be waitress or 'tis said "women can multi-task". Sundays slow at Tinker Hollow Ale House and Restaurant, so only one lunchtime waitress working: me. All the booths and tables fill up, and I had to be efficient to take everyone's orders and serve the food. I had a system to get everyone taken care of as quickly as possible, and also to clear tables for the new customers.

People were so nice to me on days like that. Rather than impatience, they gave nice tips.

I read "One Minute Manager" which taught me how to be even more efficient than I already was. I learned that some job tasks are not essential to quality performance and would say "I know what corners to cut", because I did excel or produce more than co-workers doing the same jobs. Is this me? How did I become homeless? Strange. I no longer recall that old self. I guess she is still in there, inside of me. Today I have no idea who I am.

I think it was after my father's funeral. The custom of everyone going to the deceased's house after the cemetary. Details blurry, but it was then sister-in-law, Barbara, and myself who efficiently organized the kitchen and serving of food. My mother marveled at how fast we got things done and credited it with us waiting tables for a living.

How odd to have forgotten memories leap to mind due to one word: practical.

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