Wednesday, June 27, 2012

McDonald's Church

Not sure why I called this church McDonald's Church. Or maybe it was "the McDonald's church", meaning the church near a McDonald's fast food place. Like this church, said McDonald's is under construction itself. Perhaps completed now; I did not walk up the block to check it out.

Quite some time ago that McDonald's removed all the outside benches. I think to get rid of constant homeless presence there, but perhaps they had other reasons. I did not use the outdoor eating area much when homed. I mostly used the drive-thru window to get coffee and hash browns or hot apple pies to drink/eat en-route to whatever stores I was serving that day. And to pick up McRib sandwiches on the way home when they were offered.

A rare occasion when I would stop at that particular McDonald's to sit outdoors, eat, have a smoke, use the rest room before heading on my way to beach. Or I may have stopped on the way home from somewhere to use the restroom, making a purchase which I may have eaten on the patio. Spent a whole lot more time sitting there while homeless, but never as long as some of my peers did.

The newest change is the front entrance being moved to the side with lots of glass; doors or windows or both, I guess. Whenever I walk past this church, I would think about spending so many nights sleeping on the steps. Hard to believe I actually had nerve to do so. I remember the first time I climbed the steps, laid down in a corner, so exhausted I could not walk another step, nor keep my eyes open another minute.

I decided sleeping on a church's steps would be safe. Under God's protection, so to speak. I felt uncomfortable being right out there in the open; being seen by passing vehicles and people in buildings across the street. As I said (or thought, rather) about so many things; "They're used to seeing homeless people, I am just one more of them now."

I got used to sleeping there after a while. Always odd, a bit uncomfortable, yet my favorite sleep spot just the same. A short walk to McDonald's early AM to get coffee and use the rest room. Could get coffee and use restroom just before they closed for the night. Yes, I bought coffee, mostly left getting cold in travel mug, but I would not use a restroom without making a purchase first. Anyway, I so often wandered the streets when unable to sleep and sipped the coffee as I roamed.

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