Monday, April 16, 2012

Can stress cause frequent urination?

Another Saturday night...

Two Saturday nights in a row, being kept up by neighbor John and his lady's noise, prompted me to do an Internet search to learn if stress can cause frequent urination. Yes, indeed it can. Both nights, as I tried to get up courage to call manager, waking him from slumber or call the police, I needed to continuously empty my bladder. It was the strangest thing; I mean how much more urine could there be, surely only droplets were left, but no, each time, I felt the need to empty, a stream flowed.


According to How stress can effect your life,  being under pressure causes frequent urination; being under acute pressure causes frequent urination due to nervous stimulation and being under chronic pressure can cause frequent urination or prostatic symptoms. I had to look up prosatic; okay that would only apply to males, having to do with prostate gland.

I noticed several other effects of stress related to other parts of body such as headaches. Yes, I had a slight headache this past Saturday night. I shared an image here of a rash I woke up with a while ago ~ had it appear several times and sure enough rashes can be due to chronic stress. Rapid tiredness is listed under chronic stress for Bio-Chemistry.

I wondered about that, sudden exhaustion, during days of John's constant LOUD noises (Chris' too). I felt, I was just giving up on ever having a peaceful environment. Rather like when depressed and just wanting to go to sleep to avoid thinking at all.

The site where I found my answer about frequent urination being caused by stress is a work-related web site. Even though my stress is not job-related, it was helpful. There is a long explanation about fight/flight reactions. I know about that adrenaline rush; neighbors setting off firecrackers causes it, as does John's dropping bar-bell sounding things on his floor. Feel like I am in a near constant state of anxiety.

This explained fight/flight response a bit more:

Life-threatening events are not the only ones to trigger this reaction. We experience it almost any time we come across something unexpected or something that frustrates our goals. When the threat is small, our response is small and we often do not notice it among the many other distractions of a stressful situation.

Um, my goal is to go to sleep when I am tired. I am chronically frustrated in that effort by John, Tweety and used to be, Chris. It is not as if I live with other people who are determining my bedtime, it is neighbors who violate House Rules and Regulations that are making my life choices for me.

I am literally sick and tired of this situation, yet see no way out.

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