Friday, March 02, 2012

Confucius Say

Confucius say woman who fly upside down in airplane crack up.

Maybe it was "she crack up" or "her crack up." The old joke popped in my head as I was walking to or home from the library yesterday (2/29/12). It keeps making a comeback in my head. There is no particular voice attached to it; maybe appears in my normal thinking voice. Flashback to 1965? More or less.

I did not get the joke when I heard it; everyone laughs, so I laugh too, like I always did even when I did not get a joke, which was almost always. I seldom remember jokes; maybe I remember that one because I puzzled over it  for a long time. Sixteen or seventeen, younger or a little bit older, I was too embarrassed to say: I don't get it.

The speaker was my brother's girlfriend. She was full of Confucius say jokes; always smiling; happy-go-lucky girl. Petite pretty or cute blonde. My brother did not seem her type of guy at all. She was a grade lower than me and two years below him. I do not remember her being in with the in-crowd, but thought her very cool. Do not remember my brother dating any other girl before her. They used to fall asleep talking on the telephone. My father had a fit about that ~ sleeping with phone off the hook ~ listening to each other breathe?

Never know where a blog post is going to take me. My pre-typing, in-the-head, was about my brothers ~ specifically about Richard. Now my mind remembers my father ripping the telephone out of the wall. Back then telephones were permanently attached to the wall. No clip-in wires. I kept paying the phone bill for months afterwards even though I had no service because I was too ashamed or embarrassed to call the phone company.

Is that why Confucius say keeps replaying in my head ~ to send my mind back to the mid/late 1960s, scenes from the past that I have not thought about in years?

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