Tuesday, November 08, 2011

No Hablo Espanol

Finally got around to pulling all the dead Morning Glory vines out of my mini (very mini) garden. I was in process of pulling other dead leaves from vines when a lady stands at gate saying something. I was not sure what language she was speaking but assumed and said my usual "No hablo Espanol". She kept chattering away, so finally I walked up to the gate and said: "No comprende". Did that stop her? Nah.

It is not the first time a woman has stood at the side gate speaking to me. Other times, the person would speak English, or a mixture of English/Spanish which made it possible for us to communicate. The only words I caught from this morning's lady was casa and apartment. At first I thought she was asking if one of my neighbors was home; said the number two ~ in English.

I finally said "No, no apartments for rent here." She kept blabbing away. I finally said "Dirty," stooping to rub my hand over John's doormat, maybe I said carpet, maybe rug or floor. Then she hands me a crumpled business card, handing it over top of gate or door. It was for a massage business. She says "Massage?"

Oy vey! She kept talking, it all sounding like gibberish, not resembling any language I ever heard. I started to think: my, she is trying to speak English and mangling the words. I handed her the card back over the fence, said "No money", rubbing my thumb and index fingers together, (don't ask me why, I am clueless), desperately trying to remember the Spanish word for money, but "moola" kept it at bay. I was becoming irate. She clearly said the word: money. WTF?

I turned to walk back to continue doing what I was doing before she uninterrupted me, maybe if I ignore her she will go away, as I look back, she is picking up a board. The board has been there ever since I moved here. Think it covered a hole around gas meters. There are two boards actually. Sometimes I think John moved one, and I have to replace it to its spot along the wall.

Maybe the lady is a thief, I think, trying to get inside the complex. Maybe the board is part of her plan. But, no, she places the board off the ground atop the back of the gas meters then walks away.

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