Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orange t-shirts

When I was at Mike's church Food Bank the other week, I saw round tables under canopies loaded with neat piles of clothing. I asked if we needed a ticket, which we did not. There were many piles of orange t-shirts and I decided I wanted to get one for Halloween; not that I celebrate it anymore, just the idea of it, plus I am in need of t-shirts.

A young woman got to the table area just ahead of me, parking her stroller filled with her food bags in such a way that I could not move around her to get to the pile of t-shirts that were likely smalls. She was going through a pile, then moved on to the next one. I am guessing for the same reason I was not interested in the first pile: all x-large. She kept digging through the pile of mediums, picking out and holding up orange t-shirts to show to a man standing away from the tables, then I guess, getting his nod of approval would toss him a t-shirt.

After she tossed him every orange t-shirt she began on the gray t-shirts. I was annoyed. How many orange t-shirts does a body need? Since I like grey, I decided to try to get a couple of grey ones instead. She did not take any of the grey ones that were almost sleeveless, with a deep v-neck. I did not want any of that type either. I ended up taking a red T and two different shades of gray.

When I got home I washed them in the sink. The red one bled color. Not sure if I will ever wear it. I never liked red; people have told me red shirts compliment my complexion, but I equate red with violence. Plus I do not like to draw attention to myself and red will do that. Not the reason I will probably never wear it; I no longer separate clothes, everything goes into one washer and could not chance tainting all my wardrobe pink should I forget about the non-colorfast red T.

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