Monday, September 26, 2011

Peace Unveiled

Charter increased cable rates for the second time in little over a year, so I discontinued it. My neighbors and myself get at least one weekly advertisement from Charter; postcard type or sealed envelope. I got additional ads, offering me a bundle rate for television and telephone. One of the ads offered Internet cable at $14.95. When I got it the cost was advertised at $19.95 ~ that did not include taxes and router rental.

The new rate was a little more than a dollar a day, which is not much, except, after rent, I have $8.00 a day spending money. My goal when I got Internet at home was to earn some spare change. That was not happening, so time to say goodbye to easy web access. Can tell by my recent posts that I went back to reading a book a day. Bored and felt disconnected from the world.

My daughter, Dawn must have taken pity upon me. It seemed simple at first, she could just add a line to her home service as she does for salespeople at her job. That did not work; bottom line, I now have Verizon DSL. Have a mess of papers, trying to finish up book quotes having to do with homelessness, turned over slip of paper and saw "Peace Unveiled". Check the time ~ oops ~ wrong date. The film Peace Unveiled is being shown at downtown Main library branch tomorrow; today is not Tuesday.

Um, perhaps I should just delete this post, eh. Yet that is truly my state of mind ~ never sure what day or date it is. We shall see if I make the effort to be at library by  6PM tomorrow.

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