Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guilt By Association

People do assume guilt by association, ya know, the old saying, birds of a feather stick together, but what is a poor homeless gal to do? Homeless people are major outcasts from society and do more or less stick together. I avoided homeless people for about the first two weeks I lived on the streets of Long Beach. Looking back I can definitely say that I would have been lost if not for help from my peers.

Many of them did things I would not consider doing (like stealing) or did not make a habit of doing (like drinking alcoholic beverages) and perhaps that I associated with them anyway, others found me guilty of their misdeeds. Yet people have family members, close family members even, who do things they would not do and yet associate with each other, they do. That is pretty much how it was during my homeless days, we were like family to each other. Not all of us, but I did have a core group of homeless friends that I would not have been hanging with if I had not been living on the streets.

But this post is not about that kind of guilt by association. It is about a book review I wrote. The book is
Guilt By Association by Marcia Clark. I am not sure why I dislike Marcia Clark, in the way opinions of celebrities get formed without too much knowledge of the person. I hesitated to check the book out of the library. Glad I did; I enjoyed the book.

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