Sunday, August 14, 2011

No One In The World

In No One In The World by E. Lynn Harris and R M Johnson, a man learns he was adopted as a child and his twin brother was not. He sets about to find his twin. His sister is aghast: "What if he's crazy or worse? What if he's poor?" she asks. Then continues, "What do you think it would look like for you to have a homeless brother living on the streets?"

The man replies "Who said he was homless?" suggesting his twin may have grown up to become as much as a success in life as he and his sister had.

Later in the story when a man gets booted from his girlfriend's apartment, the man hands him a check for ten thousand dollars. The guy protests, not wanting to take it and the man says "You said you were homeless. You're going to need the money to get a place." I think many homeless people would love to have someone hand them a check like that!

No One In The World was a good read except that the authors named characters with similar names which was very confusing. Since Harris co-authored the book with Johnson, prior to his death not sure who choose names or if Johnson did any editing. Example would be to have an Austen and Austin, Hadley and Hedlay. There was even a Mosley and Harris in the tale.

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