Wednesday, June 08, 2011


No more sweet-smelling, pretty little white flowers. The image does not clearly show the mess landscapers (?) made of the back "yard" fence. I spent a lot of time on the vines, braiding them through the fence crosses, ensuring they did not grow out so far as to make walking a chore.

Too bad I did not take a photo of the yellow flowers at the alley end of the walkway. I trimmed them several times this season; grow like wild, and needed to be cut back. Whoever went down the fence with a whatever ~ weed whacker ~ did not trim, just destroyed them all. The flowers were a bright spot of sunshine when I looked towards the back, or exited building by alley gate.

Oh, well.

Morning Glory seedlings that grew in abundance, naturally, at the end of the season last year ~ all gone. As are all I planted this year. When the guys go through the back with their whatchamacallit, noisy thing to blow dust up into the air, so it floats right on in through my windows, settling on "dresser" tops, they destroy the little guys. Not to mention leaving dirt on all plant leaves.

Ditto when neighbor on other side of fence has his workers start blowing stuff. It amazes me how much garbage rises over the fence landing on top of my tiny Morning Glory garden. Plus, more dirt landing on all the leaves.

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