Monday, June 20, 2011

Sandwich in trash

Went in AM/PM mini-mart to get change for laundromat; same owners; no change machines. Of course I had to get a cup of real coffee and decided to get a hot sandwich ($1.59). Had to pay with debit card, get minimum $5.00 cash back in order to get $2.00 worth of quarters.

I was leaning over folding table, reading magazine, munching sandwich when same guy that waited on me at mini-mart came in and started wiping down the row of tables. He was approaching me so fast, I barely had time to move the backpack, coffee mug, sandwich and mag. The washer finished, hand carried stuff to dryer ~ no carts and do not have a basket.

Well, I do have one of those mesh folding baskets that doubles as a hamper. Used to carry clothes to laundromat in it, until handles broke. The ones I owned on Elm Avenue were better quality; handles stayed intact.

Man done with tables, starts wiping top of washers. I move the magazine, coffee cup, he shoves my backpack to washer next to it, just as I reach for my sandwich, he grabs it. I put out my hand thinking he is handing it to me, he tosses it across the room. WTF! Oh, he threw it in the trash. WTF! Is he an idiot?

I guess he could have not noticed the red backpack when he checked me out. How did he happen to miss seeing me move my stuff from table to washer top? Did he not notice I was moving the clothes, then retrieving my stuff to put it back on table? "Oh, sorry," he says, "it was light, I thought it was empty."

I actually retrieved it from the trash. Minus top roll. Lucky the trash was filled with fabric softener dryer sheets. I examined it, did not see any dirt, as if I could, felt queasy about eating the rest of it. Truly rude. Employees need to clean around customers, not expect them to move stuff, then trash their food. He could have asked "Is this your stuff?" if he had not noticed me move it, and try to move it back. Just rude.

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