Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raid: 1970

Recap: so he came home from jail, got jobs, quit them, spent money on drugs and alcohol. Drugs? Heroin is singular. To the best of my knowledge he did not start using again until he ran into his friend, Frankie. My brother's first wife had called and asked to speak to Barry. She had never called me during the entire time our husbands were doing time. He told me, after he hung up, that she asked him to get her drugs.

A day or two later there was a knock on the front door as we were eating dinner. It was the police who shoved a search warrant in my face, bursting into the apartment. Cops also came in through the back door. We lived in a four-plex, on the second floor. Railroad style apartment, door opens to living room, bedroom to the back, kitchen to front. Kitchen had a door that lead to outside wooden staircase. Versus the front stairs that were inside the building with a door next to entrance door for lower level apartment.

I sat on the bed reading the warrant as the cops dumped contents of dresser drawers all over the floor. The cops laughed about paper back books removed from box on top shelf of living room closet. A spoof series of paper backs I got free from my job. Back then, covers were ripped off unsold books, credit issued by vendor, books put in our break room for employees to take home. Had a lot of books packed away. As with papers I never discarded books and I had a lot of them from childhood on up.

Title they nudged each other and laughed about: The Man. From O.R.G.Y.

When the cops were done searching for non-existent drugs, ready to leave I pointed to paragraph stating that they had to put every thing back the way it was. Ha, ha, ha, goodbye. What a mess for me to clean up. The assumption was that then sister-in-law was behind the raid. Perhaps he had told her he would get her drugs. Dunno. She worked at the police station and I think she became a cop. Divorced my brother.

No recollection of what husband did during the search. Continued eating with daughter in high chair? Or had I brought daughter into bedroom with me? Dunno.

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