Tuesday, February 08, 2011

26 No, 19 Yes

Long Beach's Press-Telegram online poll today, Jan. 27, 2011 asked: Have you ever worried about being homeless? 57.7% checked "No". All 26 of them. I was one of the 19 that clicked "Yes" and I think this is the last time I participate in one of the P-T's polls.

They seem to activate a screen saver pop-up ad. I wonder often how and why NetFlick manages to override computer pop-up blocker settings. The P-T used to be worse with these pop-ups and a reason why I prefer the real newspaper to the website.

There is a Bible quote, that I am not going to look up "That which I feared has come upon me". I used to say "That which they feared came upon me". Wondered why they did not say "You are going to win a big lottery," or "do great in your business" or something positive that I would see come to pass. Thought this was going to be a short post so will not expand on that thought.

When I drove to Long Beach in 1994, my thought was: If I am going to be homeless, I would rather be homeless in a warm climate. I was not exactly worried that I would become homeless. Old joke: "Every time I start to make ends meet, someone comes along and moves the ends." It seemed when ever I improved my financial situation, something would happen and I would tumble back down the ladder again.

Like the car accidents. Ah, but Jamesway went bankrupt anyway, so I would have been out of that job, but in a better position if I had still been working for them when it happened.

So yes I had thought about the possibility of becoming homeless before it became a reality. I also met people who told me they were one paycheck away from homelessness. One unexpected expense would be all it would take to lose their homes.

Postscript: The final poll count was 51 yes, 49 no.

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