Monday, May 01, 2017

Stressful Life Change

If you take an aspirin or other medication for pain, the pain is still there, you
simply do not feel it. I had spent years of my life changing habits. Find the cause of
the headache, correct behavior, if it be with diet or activity, rather than mask the
pain. Rather than taking the pills to lower my cholesterol in 2001, I put myself on a
no-cholesterol diet. Earlier eliminating red meat from my diet stopped bouts of
constipation. Balancing work and play was a good way to stay healthy. Take a deep
breath, let it out real slow; I taught people medication techniques. I was so good at
it, all I had to do was say "Relax" and I would instantly calm down.

Suddenly a psyche doc was telling me my cure was to take prescription medications. The
decision to take them was a major stressful life change. I see pharmecueticals as man-
made poison. I checked a book out of the library that was too complicated to read. What
I got from that was to increase antidoxions and I bought green tea bags fortified with
the same. If my brain chemistry was prone to malfunctions, producing voices in my head
and hallucinations, why not manage them by natural means?

The psyche doc was hearing none of that. When she asked why I did not want to take the
pills, I mentioned the side affects. "Like what?" she asked. I can not say the name of
that medication, unless I go get the pharmacy bag out of the suitcase and check the
label. At the time I studied the literature, but there in her office I could only think
of one side affect: diabeties. It runs on both sides of my family, I told her. "So
what," she said, "you might get it anyway."

I was livid. "Any reminder of the event...".

Just one more person insisting I do what she says who would wash her hands of any
responsiblity, because it was my choice to listen to her. (or him) Who is to blame for
rape? Always the man who did the raping; he took away his or her freedom of choice.
Likewise the person who robs another. The person who pounded on my window at 3AM was
responsible for my sleep disturbances, but in his mind I was responsible because I
could not stop or prevent him from doing so.

I was in no position to argue; I was not paying for the service or a "begger" at her
mercy. No adult likes to feel they have no choice. I heard a lot of yelling going on at
the Village. The member outbursts were chalked up to their mental disability. I saw it
in a different manner; adults being treated as if they were children do tend to lose
their temper. Homeless people are looked upon as children and treated as such.

I did not fault the Persons in Charge. They are low paid and not enough workers to deal
with all of us clamoring for their help. About 1% of the population are homeless and I
suppose that 1% have something in common ~ some defect of character ~ that caused them
not to be able to fullfill the one very adult responsibilty of keeping a roof over
their own heads. Or in the eyes of normal, homed people we were children by the very
fact that we sought their help.

Misery loves company and miserable people are miserable to be around. I doubt that I
could handle a job dealing with people who have various mental disorders and addictions
on a daily basis. Still, by belittling me because I did not want to take perscription
medicines, my issues got worse, not better.

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