Sunday, May 07, 2017

Pots and Pans

Sister sent text message that said, in part:

"She said she would take some pots and pans when I sort them out." 

Since sister has been giving away or throwing away our mother's possessions ever since she moved into the house. I texted her back: I might want some pots and pans too after she takes what she wants. I also said that Rocco & Susan might like to look at them too before she gives them away.

The she is the caregiver. Sis had just listed things she gave to caregiver & her daughter, granddaughter. I knew about some of the things; a tad bit upset about bath towels, do not care about the knickknacks.

Sis writes back that she is giving the caregiver some of her pots & pans. No where in the above sentence did she indicate that she was not talking about our mother's stuff. What do I care if sis is giving her things to caregiver; not my business.

Back and forth text conversation: Mom had said to put your name on anything you wanted. Or thou shalt not complain that I gave non heirs bits and pieces of the estate without contacting 5 living heirs, and 9 secondary heirs.

Sister Susan wanted some things that have gone missing. Me too.

Sister Dorothy did not have Power of Attorney, thus had no legal right to distribute Mom's possessions while Mom was still alive. Nor to throw stuff in the trash; not for her to decide what things hold sentimental value to siblings.

Sister fond of repeating, if they don't know it is here, they won't miss it.

I concluded the conversation saying I would buy my own pots and pans. Bake ware actually. Yet it is bothering me. She is not executor of the estate and has no legal right to distribute (especially to non-heirs) my mother's possessions until after Probate allows for the release.

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