Sunday, April 30, 2017

You're Deep

My sister told me long ago, repeated it recently: "Dad said, Mary is getting deep." Dorothy replied, "Mary was always deep."

What actually is meant when someone says "You're deep."

Wonderful Internet searches, found some answers. I think it means: you are a deep thinker.

My father probably said that due to me questioning him about religion. What I wanted to know was is heaven and hell real; or maybe, does God exist. Too long ago for me to remember ~ still young enough to think parents had all the answers, old enough to question beliefs brainwashed into my childhood mind.

He said he never wanted to influence our religious beliefs; that we could decide for ourselves when we grew up. Thanks, Dad! Left to figure that out for myself, looking at all those stars in the night sky, decided there is more to earth than the Catholic church taught me. We are such a tiny speck of a dirt ball in the vast, unknowable universe.

I think all children are born deep ~ why is the grass green, why is the sky blue and so on. Some of the Internet search answers said deep people are curious; they read a lot; ability to read between the lines; some have emotional deepness, others spiritual deepness. One said a person is not really deep if they do not apply what they learn to helping humanity.

Due to my sister yelling at me over a variety of things recently, I am now wondering: is that another of her childhood resentments of me ~ father labeling me deep, but not her?


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