Wednesday, July 08, 2015

She's Back

Looks like my last blog posts were done two years ago.

Lately have been thinking, I need to come here ~ remove the outdated links and such. So here I am.

After Safe Haven helped me get off the streets, my rent was raised, so I moved. Same owners of the new dive apartment complex; living hand to mouth, as theysay. I think I was still blogging, until I had to get rid of cable due to price increases. My oldest daughter took pity on me ~ added me to her Verizon account.

After another rent increase, I had to choose between living in vehicle or selling it. Figured my body was getting too old to sleep out in the cold and sold the vehicle. Do believe I blogged about that fiasco. Was unable to move to a more affordable apartment, Internet had to go. Time passed, another rent increase; no longer recall the math; like maybe $20.00 a week leftover for food and stuff. Rued selling the vehicle.

Paid one month's rent into the increase, before giving my 30-day notice. I called a bunch of HUD Senior Housing apartment complexes. 2-year waiting lists? What, do people start applying before they reach age 62 or 65 as case may be?

At library one day, read local paper rental ads. Walked a block ~ actually walked several blocks in the wrong direction before arriving at Plymouth West. Filled out an app or got one to take home, then returned it. 3 to 6 month waiting list.

What to do? Having not been home to visit since 2006, I packed up stuff, put it is storage, got a Greyhound bus ticket. Just about ready to board the bus when Weston calls to tell me "Your apartment is ready." Huh? What to do? Blah, blah, blah. So it was off to NJ/PA for a few days then back on Greyhound for the return trip.

It was not until after I handed over the check that Weston told me about the bedbugs.

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