Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My California

The "My California" post was a draft from 2013. Way too long for a blog post, but too lazy to chop it up into bite size pieces. I miss the old Blogger when we could re-date blog posts. Or pre-date as I did often. I used to write a whole bunch of posts in one sitting, but wanted them to be published one a day, so being able to choose a post date (and time) was useful for me.

The end of that old, old post is a neat lead-in to what I have been thinking of doing with my blogs.

I am only just now realizing why people wanted smoking banned in parks and on the beach (and in bars, and everywhere in between.) Smokers are the only drug addicts allowed to smoke at will in public places. Or were once allowed to do so.

I read once that the way to tell the difference between a habit and addiction was to see what happens when you stop doing it. Even knowing that, I still did not get that nicotine was a drug. I am amazed or appalled at myself. How did I not know I was an addict even way back when? Yikes.

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