Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sand Angels

Because I scribble on back of receipts that I use as bookmarks, then forget to record it when finishing a book, I do not know what novel I saw this. One of the characters mentioned kids making sand angels.

That prompted a forgotten memory of me plopping in the sand to make sand angels. At the time I thought I was being original. I liked making people laugh that way; "Well, people make snow angels and it does not snow in Long Beach, so..."

Used to get annoyed as I walked along ocean edge; kids throwing sand at each other, often spraying me. Thinking upon it, I realized it was not much different then north east coast kids throwing snowballs at each other. Adults too. However, have not seen adults throwing handfuls of sand at each other.

I vaguely recall a homeless woman that also made sand angels. Judy? Maybe, but probably it was someone else. Have not seen Judy around town in a very long time. Have not seen most of my homeless peers around anywhere for that matter.

A guy often sits on front steps of apartment building up the street from where I live. I do remember him from homeless days; just the face, name and other details forgotten. He disappeared a few weeks or month ago when we had some rainy days.

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