Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pouring Rain

March 25, 2013, 8:57PM:

Speaking of concern over inadvertently packing the plastic hooded rain cape, it sounds like it is pouring rain outside right now. No, it is John's running water. Do not know why the sound is so distracting to me. If it were pouring down rain outside, I would enjoy the sound of nature. Yet my anxiety level is climbing by the second.

A few minutes before the running water became unbearably loud, I was irritated by music. Sounds like it is coming from neighbor Alex's apartment. Annoyed, I got up to check and found it was John's radio. Again. In the kitchen perhaps? I punched the wall, hurting my hand. Sounds trite to get so angry over a minor annoyance, eh.

Night after night after night I have been disturbed by new neighbors music and/or television. I have listened to  them carry on early in the day, complete with loud whatever it is. I like Al Green. Or used to. This was yesterday, think it was "Let's Stay Together" playing. Two or three guys singing along. Horrid voices. Karaoke? Thankfully it was just that one song, then music stopped, voices gone. Someone's birthday too.

Late into the night the TV filters into my apartment. 11-12 PM loud conversations. Not complaining about these new people, though. Why bother. So that it seems trite to go off the wall just now.

Except shortly before John's music started, he was talking to someone. Sounded like he was out back, but then I heard him as he walked past my apartment heading back to his own. Music or TV was playing too loud at that time.

I opened the front door, turning on fan, when a person says, "Miss." Huh, who is he? Okay, he gives me the sales spiel, budget cuts, college education, wanting this since he was 14, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, so what the eff are you selling? Orange County Register newspaper subscription. Tell him I am moving on  the 31st.

No problem (overcome those objections why don't cha) can change address. Aargh. DO NOT HAVE AN ADDRESS, HOMELESS, NO MONEY. I was tempted to slam door in his face. So busy selling, his canned speech, not hearing a word I am saying. NO.

Then he asks for a small donation, even a dollar or two. I said, "I can give you my pennies, that..." before I finished he turned his back to me and started knocking on neighbor's door across from me even though no lights are on. Sigh. There is likely a dollar or two of pennies that I dump in donation box when I go to Rite Aid.

Those donations supposedly go to feed people, homeless people maybe. Laws prohibit homeless people from standing outside businesses to panhandle. Yet those donation box people are there day after day, week after week. It gets embarrassing. I do not have much share change anymore. I would see them at Rite Aid, then go to now closed Albertson's and there was another one from same outfit. Not sure who they are; ladies dress like nurses.

Then you go in the store and the cashier asks for a dollar for whatever. Feel cheap saying "No, not today." Truly, I would rather deal with a homeless panhandler. If I give them a quarter or two, they are grateful and I know the little bit of money is actually helping someone not going to cover administrative costs.

Whatever. I am feeling calmer now. Thanks for listening.

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