Thursday, March 07, 2013

Morning Thoughts

Facebook status update box asks: What's on your mind?

I vaguely recall a quote, something about your thoughts being your own, once spoken, nevermore.

My morning thoughts started like this: A nurse sealed my fate. How could a nurse diagnose a patient, send them home without allowing them to see  the LCT that BC/BS of Rhode Island authorized them to see? C'est la vie.

I thought that is what I could share on Facebook; it is what is on my mind. But I got hooked up with high school classmates on Facebook. Do I really want to share personal stuff with people I was not friends with in high school?

One was a friend in elementary school. She skipped a grade and we no longer hung out after school. The other I considered my best friend in Junior High. Our schedules were different in high school, so did not see each other except in passing. Years later we met up; she worked with my mother. We wrote letters to each other for a while.

Other than that, my other friends from high school were the in with the in-crowd type. Anyway...

My morning thoughts continued: do we really need to share our thoughts or what is on our mind with people?  Yet I felt like doing just that.

It sounds like a whine or complaint to go back to that nurse in 1998. I am not sure what sealed my fate means. Those words just appeared in my mind. It was what it was; can not change the past only our perception of things that happened.

Perhaps that health care nightmare came to mind this morning due to contemplating an interview with whomever at the senior complex. How to explain how mental health disorders lead me to where I am now. Knowing what caused the voices and stuff in 1998 could have prevented all kinds of mistakes that lead me to homelessness. Lead me to this dive apartment because it is better than none.

Hopeful, though, that it will be easy interview and I will be accepted for the senior complex, affordable apartment.

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