Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homeless in Long Beach

Five more days and I will again be homeless in Long Beach.

Had my hopes up way too high, I suppose. Approved for affordable apartment in senior complex; the 3 to 6 month waiting period was reduced to 1 to 6 months. Vacancies now! People ahead of me on list, but whoever gets paper work turned in first gets placed first. All my required papers were promptly turned into the office.

Waiting upon verification from managers. Senior place application required street address for landlord. Owners only provide P.O. Box and no telephone number. I found a street address and phone number which likely was owner's house, not office. Gossip tells me she inherited this building (and other properties she owns?)

Mr. Manager here, well, I believe I gripped about him somewhere on this blog. He has a job; works nights now. Judging by the date rent checks were processed by my bank and when he left rent receipt in mail box, David is not a one-minute manager; takes his sweet time taking care of his paperwork.

Takes all of a minute or two to fill out the verification letter and drop it in mailbox next day. Had a dream last night about speaking to David; asked if he returned it; he said he never got it. (Yeah, right, me dream self thought.)

Last complex also owned by same lady, clueless as to who may be manager there now. There as here, managers changed while I lived in both buildings. Did I add apartment number to application? Doubtful. Do not know or remember them.

Would not it be easier to call landlords for verification? Could not my four years of rent receipts suffice to prove that I actually paid rent on time be okay? I guess, they need to know what type of renter I was. Paid rent on time? Yup. Complained about neighbors violating house rules and regulations? Yup. Clean? Yup, but how would manager know? Security returned at previous address? Yup, minus painting which all CA landlords charge for even though law is they have to paint when tenant moves out. Ditto carpet shampooing.

Would think lessors would be responsible to provide renter a clean carpet upon move-in not charge prior renter to clean it. Anyway...

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