Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Greyhound website was experiencing difficulties. At first I thought that was a good thing, else I would have purchased a 21-advance day ticket to get cheapest rate. Thinking I was going to get placed in an apartment in April, that would have been a bad thing. Now that I am once again clueless as to when I will be getting an apartment at that complex, I am getting ready to head out of town via Greyhound ~ paying standard fare, due to last minute purchase.

Checked local motels; rates too high even at the dive places. Grand Prix coming to town meaning lots of tourists booking rooms. The way my body is when I wake in morning, have been dreading stepping on a bus again. Not sure I will handle it. Yet once on bus, can not get off and go home.

Especially now that I will have no home to go home to anymore. Contemplated the streets; know the system,  for showers and such. Doubt body could handle that either. At least I can try to sleep on the bus, be in out of the weather. Cold weather.

Grace Hotel around the corner; listed telephone number goes to fax machine. Need to check it out in the AM. Little hope for that. I tried several times when on the streets. Usually booked solid. Mainly with homeless people. At that time lady told me they check in first of month when they get their checks. Money runs out they leave and come back the next month. So it is hit and miss to get a room.

Good news is I finally found sweat pants with elastic at leg bottoms. Only $10.00 at Levi store next to laundromat. I also finally found a hooded sweatshirt that zippers up the front. $13. something. I sewed large tears at arm holes of sweatshirt I found while living on the streets. Well worn, I would say. Considered wearing it on bus, but really, really shabby, so happy to find a replacement.

Problem is I managed to pack a rain 'jacket'. It was a freebie from Bank of America, I think. Folded nice and compact. Wish I had left it thus; have never used it. Perhaps when I packed it, I was thinking I was not going to be going anywhere and would not need it.

Such problems, as my mother would say.

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