Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Did I mention how much I loathe Google's new Blogger format.

The post page used to be nice and compact. I could scroll over, oh, I do not know, 100 titles, if I was looking for something, then flip to next set. Easier still, I could click a sidebar link that said: Photo or Photos, I guess I made two labels by mistake, and the posts would load showing all that I labeled thus.

There was also a search option, so if I knew something more specific, such as a book title I was not sure if I wrote about, I could quickly find it or know I had not.

That said, do not know if I got around to publishing these two photos.

Homeless bike clothesline?

Think I took both photos after a visit to main branch of Long Beach Public Library. The second image only showed part of the number of homeless belongings that gave me reason to think the owners were new to the streets. Imagine, no possessions...



Hi Mary! Don't feel like a failure when survival is a success in itself. We're linking your blog to ours EXPOSE HOMELESSNESS also a Google Blogger! You'll find yourself in good company and we appreciate your links to Long Beach resources and experiences!

alyceclover said...

Thank you for your kind words. There is a lot on your blog to read, so will take a while to catch up.