Saturday, February 02, 2013

Homeless in Seaside Park, New Jersey

Before leaving the east coast to once again be homeless in Long Beach, I spent a few days at my aunt's 3-story Victorian home in Seaside Park. Since I did such a great job cleaning up the mess of my mother's house, my aunt wanted to hire me to help her with hers.

I never did much at her South River home and even less at the Seaside Park house. Basically she wanted to ensure the home was ready for winter season. Fond memories of spending time with Aunt Evy as an adult and also as a child. For many years she had a bungalow; always a treat to spend some weekends or even a week or two with her and my cousins.

Another aunt and uncle had a year-round home in nearby Lavallette. In addition Aunt Hazel and Uncle Joe owned a small home, less a bungalow than Aunt Evy's ~ I think they had indoor showers, unlike taking cold showers behind the bungalow.

At the time Aunt Evy was unsure if she would sell her South River home and go live in the shore home year-round. There were all kinds of paintings and stuff in the lower level. I made suggestions as to what she could do ~ such as sell the paintings, and blah, blah, blah. As mentioned, we did not do much more than talk and check the screens.

Later she sold the Victorian home, even though she loved the shore. The buyer tore it down, building something else. Do not know what type of home new owner built. Wondered if it was affected by Super Storm Sandy. My cousins share ownership of Hazel's Hut now that both parents are deceased. The home survived intact.

This is a long video, but since Seaside Park (and Seaside Heights, Asbury Park, Keansburg...) are a big part of my life memories, posting it here.

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