Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frozen Heat

I added Frozen Heat by Richard Castle to my Goodreads books read list in November 2012. I remembered liking the Nikki Heat series, so checked Frozen Heat out of the library  when I saw it on New Fiction shelves. Normally when I forget that I have read a novel previously, I quickly discover that I have within a few chapters. Not so this time.

That worries me; Alzheimer memory lapse?

When I was staying with my mother, cleaning her house, she usually had a book on her lap as she sat in the recliner where she spent day and night. She told me she could not remember if she read books, so would read them again or forgot what she read thus far and simply start over. Scary.

A suspect in a murder turns out to be a homeless squatter with a mental disorder.  According to the novel NY underground subway tunnels are home to a subculture of Mole People. Nikki says they are  "... homeless who survived in the musty darkness."

This sounded familiar: "past results are no guarantee of future performance."

Spoiler Alert: Nikki and Rook are kidnapped, taken to a remote spot in a forest, then left there. Nikki notices the moon was half-full. The next paragraph mentions the next night's moon. How did the pair find their back to their Paris hotel after being abandoned in the woods? I kept waiting for them to discuss that at some future time in the novel, but they did not. Keep reader's guessing?

I mean did they walk until they found a road, flag down a vehicle? It happened late evening, they were drugged, put in trunk of car, so seems unlikely they would have. They found their cell phones, batteries had been removed, GPS tracking disabled. Yet they some how make it back to the hotel and their flight back to NYC the next morning.

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