Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Did I mention how much I hate what Google did to Blogger's format...

It used to be easy to scan my list of posts to see what I posted and what I had not. I do not know if I can just sort them by labels, because the easy to use side bar list of labels I used to click on to determine which photos I took specifically for this blog made it here.

Why keep it simple when adding four steps to what used to take one, eh.

I am quite sure this photo of neighbor's trash blocking walkway did not make it here. Do not know why the cushion was out there. He has taken to leaving his skateboard propped against the wall besides his door. Perhaps the wind knocked it over. Or the rain caused it to slip to the ground. No sense at all to leave exposed trash in paper bags outside in the rain.

Not too long of a walk to the back gate to dispose of it properly. I did not mention it to manager. Neighbor Mike comes inside our gate to turn on the safety lights or turn them off in morning. He knows about new guy's trash. Warned me not to take it to dumpster for him. I would not. Except for the time he left directly in front of back gate ~ side that opens ~ so had to move it out of my way anyhow.

Other times he has left it to the right, next to gate. Mike said the guy said he lost his key. Yet the trash has been disposed of previously, as this mess did go away, so do not know if the guy found his key or asked manager for another one. Could be worse...

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