Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last Blue Plate Special

Enjoyed reading Abigail Padgett's "The Last Blue Plate Special." Downtown library did not have the novel preceding this one, simply "Blue," but decided to go ahead and read out of order. The murder mystery is different. Blue is a lesbian ~ a white lesbian ~ whose love interest is African-American. Some interesting dynamics typical to black/white relationships, play out in the novel.

When two healthy female politicians die suddenly of cerebral hemorrhages within two weeks, Blue does not think it is statistically possible. She proves that the probability of that happening is less than 1%, yet how could the deaths be arranged murders. Quite original story line added more mystery to the story than a typical whodunit.

A woman sneers at Blue "I had no idea they'd send a bag lady..." for an interview due to her outfit.

In a section of San Diego, "A single block boasts," she lists them, "and an abandoned movie theater under whose marquee the homeless now sit on folded sleeping bags."

"Some of the local merchants keep cans of dog food under their counters for the pets of the homeless population."

I knew what blue willow china pattern is because my mother had them. I think my sister Susan has them now. Hers were the kind that divided the plates into 3 sections much like early TV dinners did. I did not know what those plates had to do with "blue plate specials." Their inclusion in the story also made the book A-one for me.

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