Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well I do not know if this is a tapestry or piece of fabric from upholstery bolt. I rescued it from dumpster; unraveling it from cardboard tube, then shaking away loose bugs or bug eggs (just in case), trying to keep the large sheet from hitting the ground. Took it inside, put in bathtub, ran hot water, then detergent to kill or remove any insect residue  more to freshen it up, then clean it ~ was not dirty, except for a few tiny spots looked like tar, maybe black marker.

Did not know what I would do with it, other than neatly fold it and donate it to Goodwill around the corner. Sad to see so many nice articles of clothing thrown in the dumpster ~ usually not from anyone who lives in this complex; can tell what comes from neighbors when someone is moving, or from neighbors across alley when none of mine are leaving.

I hang a sheet over the recess space where a Murphy bed used to be. There is a whole in the ceiling; dirty cardboard hanging loose. The guys who promised to help me re-cover it, never did and nothing I stood on made me tall enough to reach the ceiling. Depending upon which way wind is blowing and how strong, cold, cold breeze blows inside. The sheet helped alleviate it a bit.

Aha, perfect; almost, the piece of cloth was a tad bit too short on one edge. Then decided might as well rehang the sheet behind it to increase wind blocking ability. Have no idea how I managed ~ with no hammer ~ to get nails or screws on the wall inside the recess. Hard wood here, push pins pop right out of the wall, when the wind is billowing the sheet. Can never get a push pin pushed entirely into the wall here.

First year or two, I had rope or string, likely shoelaces, tied on the nails as a curtain rod. That was a royal pain, so cut holes in sheet to hang directly over the three nails. I could have made the tapestry fit edge to edge if I could have moved the end nails closer to opening, oh well. Good enough.

Have a piece of fabric leftover, cut from bottom edge of curtain. Could probably make one or two pillow covers for the throw pillows former manager gave me when he left. Doubtful.

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