Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I will be glad when I leave this building; would, however, feel better with known destination.

Yesterday, around noon, their was an eerie silence. Not a bird twittering, nor a horn honking, airplane passing by, helicopter circling, dog barking, car alarm blaring. Not a sound of Redondo Ave or Anaheim Street traffic; no sirens nearby or in the distance. No neighbors in courtyard chatting. No radios or TVs or any other kind of noise.

Just a complete and utter silence. Except of course for that constant noise in my ears that goes on 24/7. Okay, maybe not 24, do not hear it when sleeping.

It was weird. A relief that Doug stopped whatever he had been doing earlier for what seemed like hours. It did not sound like singing; guess it was, else he was in the courtyard talking to himself. I remember when I moved here, his hours long loud off key singing used to drive me to distraction. I would blare music to drown it out somewhat. Little did I know it would get worse.

It is amazing how much noise goes on everyday that I do not notice. The sudden daytime silence unnerved me. Reminded me of an old tune Everyone's Gone To The Moon. The silence did not last. New neighbor diagonally across from me plays some awful party music. Loud. Between Doug's mumbling/singing, and that racket, I was losing my cool.

Knowing I will soon be gone, do not want to take one more noise complaint to manager. The guy is young; has guests, I guess. Wondered if they are drinking or smoking reefer guests. Hate to say sounds like gang banger music, 'cause truly do not know what that would be, a stereotypical perception is all.

Makes me miss Thomas who lived there long ago. He too blared his music. But he did not do it every day or for more than a couple of hours. And it was regular music. Music. Not noise that passes for music. Songs I like or radio station I too listen to.

Doug was doing his thing again today. Plus the new guy did his. Plus John arrives home, outside with his late night blabbing. Not to mention his in apartment noises. Generally do not hear him talking much now that Tweety is gone. Had to listen to him when I was in kitchen doing dishes tonight.

Hopefully where ever life takes me from here, it is quieter with neighbors who respect others rights to privacy. Lady from that office has not called yet to set up appointment re; affordable housing help. Sigh.

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