Saturday, January 12, 2013


Missed the annual MLK Jr Peace & Unity celebration parade. Did not think to check time parade started, assumed it was at noon. Think I made same mistake last year. So much for learning from mistakes.

I was quickly bored, decided to walk to a store to, um, kill time, then make up my mind if I would go back to park or head home. "War is here," said the announcer. I think I left early last year, so was determined to stick around to 4PM to watch War perform.

Only the group's name is no longer War, it is Lowriders due to a contract dispute. One of the original members legally tours as War, but Lowriders has more of the originals. I was not a big War fan. That is, never owned any of their records or cassettes. Yet I do like some of their songs. The guys put on a terrific show. Loved their smiles.

When I returned to park, I caught the end of Frankie Beverly & Maze's set. Another group I did not listen to. A reminder of the arse, Jet, both bands. Said his cousin was in the group War. Talking about music in 2000, he said something about the group Maze. I said "I did not know them." He said, "sure you do. 'Joy and Pain," and whatever else he said.

Oh, yeah, I know "Joy & Pain." Only the group is Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. A long forgotten moment in time, yet a lasting association ~ think of Jet if I hear "Frankie Beverly" or "Maze."

The last time I thoroughly enjoyed the MLK Jr day celebration was in 2001. Yesterday was almost like the pre-homeless day fun in the park I used to have.

Okay I am going to try this here: B|

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