Friday, January 25, 2013

KJLH 1023 Radio

HPP Cares shows a list of events. I clicked on the KJLH 1023 Radio link. I could attend; certain Sunday's 8 PM - 9PM. I am quite sure I have heard that program. Not useful for me, that was time to turn off radio or find station playing music.

Do not trust my memory, but I am quite sure it was KJLH that started playing nothing but Christmas music in November, 2011. I unliked the KJLH page after leaving a comment. I like Christmas music, but not all day, everyday, especially when played that many weeks prior to the day. The music was accompanied by many ads ~ buy, buy, buy ~ for the holiday. Let us get a jump start on the selling season, eh.

Tired of listening to 94.7 the WAVE, continuously repeated songs, I was looking for 103.5 KOST radio station this week. They are just as repetitious, but have not listened to them for a while. Do not know call letters or dial frequency of the other stations I switch back and forth. I used to say they play the same 20 songs over and over again all day. I think it is a bit more than 20, but if you listen on Monday, you will hear the same songs you heard on Friday (Saturday, Sunday...) Boring.

One station has a disco flavor "You Dropped a Bomb On Me," another Classic Rock, "Piano Man," "Hotel California" (which I would not care if I ever heard again), another is a mix of genres, eras. That would be my favorite, except I get tired of their playlist too. I have been on the WAVE lately trying for smooth jazz, peaceful music to put me to sleep or relax me when agitated due to neighbor's noise.

Thinking it is time to just ditch the last of my mix tapes. That made me sad. One of those that did not get eaten by cheap cassette players has songs from my old 45RPM records. Can locate most of those songs on the 'net, but..

But to not hear Steve Harvey in the morning again? "If God woke you up this morning...' Well maybe it was Tom Joiner, but I think it was Harvey. Used to listen to one or the other every morning in my pre-homeless days. Hence my turning on the seldom used radio seeking KJLH. Thus a little irony this morning seeing so many advertisements on HPP Cares for KJLH events.

I did locate KJLH. Woke early enough to hear Steve Harvey in the morning; went back to sleep. Next day when I woke reminded self not to go back to sleep. 555AM Harvey did talk about God, but not that old daily "If God woke you up this morning..." bit that used to invigorate me. Enjoyed a few days of the contagious laughter of KJLH's morning deejays, even as bigoted as they are. Bored went looking for KOST; did not locate it yet. Whatever.

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