Friday, January 25, 2013

HPP Cares

"We'll call you next week. when we are back in the office, to set up an appointment," the young woman said.

I hopefully waited all week for the call that did not come. Perhaps the office is closed this week. In my head, though, I thought they would be back in the office on Monday, day after the MLK Jr. event. I located the orange tote bag the gal gave me. I want to say girl, but know if I were that age I would be as insulted as I was when in my fifties and people called me young lady. Anyway...

...tote bag reads "Housing*People*Property." I was glad to find it had website info, not just phone number. Saying "located it" makes it sound like I did not know where it was. I did. Put it in a Walmart tote bag. Neighbor Mike gave me a bunch of tote bags one day. I did not need them but he was going to throw them in the dumpster. At the time I thought I would donate them to Phil's church's food bank. Now that I am moving, giving them away in a different manner.

Filled one with clothes donation for MHA Village; another to donate stuff to Goodwill; another to give stuff to Reuse center. Clothing room worker at Village said they do take hangers, may have more stuff for both the Reuse place and Goodwill; washed my own tote bags, folded ready to pack; the ones in Walmart tote to be used for donations.

In my head I already designated the HPP Cares bag for the Village, due to the sign and gal's assurance they could assist me in finding affordable rental. Homeless people might benefit from seeing that tote. Ho, ho, silly me, babbling like a brook here.

I visited the website They will not be helping me. The focus is on home ownership, helping people who are in process of being foreclosed on or helping low income, disabled, veterans with first time home ownership.

Rental Assistance is "coming soon." Other rental info has to do with Section 8 (did not look at that, knowing that Section 8 is closed to new applicants at this time); Housing First (I believe the Village's Safe Haven program was a Housing First program); a list of phone numbers to places like The Mission (tried for a year to get a bed in their women's facility without success, its a man's thing) and other Los Angeles County offices (stuff of which I am already aware.)

Okay no matter how much HPP cares, hope for help from that organization dashed.

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