Thursday, January 10, 2013


Happy New Year ~ we are raising your rent $65.00.

I am frantic. I have been looking for a more affordable apartment for a long time. If unable to comfortably afford this one, no way will I be able to afford the increase.

Neighbor Mike said Beasley's (owners) got hit with a 2% property tax increase. I did not pay too much attention to complaints via the Press-Telegram Opinions page regarding the increase. Did we vote on it? Do not remember. Do know if it was to approved by vote, I voted NO.

The U.S. poverty rate is 15.1%. Long Beach's poverty rate is 22.8%. That is a lot of citizens that can not afford housing. Rental property owners, such as mine, simply pass down the cost of the increase to renters. Senior home owners on a fixed income, will likely have to reduce spending. Reduced spending means less goes into the economy. Less profits likely means job cuts, meaning even more poverty.

The city does have mega bucks to do over Pine Avenue. Artist renditions makes it look like trees will be planted directly on the street, not along sidewalks. What a mess that will be if that is what plans include. The plan is to remove the raised planters. No benches, retaining walls fenced leaving little room for a senior to get off their feet for a second, but at least they were still there for an uncomfortable sit.

Anyway, I filled out a paper at the MLK Jr. Day celebration to be contacted by agency. Lady at booth ensured me they can help me find affordable rentals. Doubt it. Section 8 voucher program has been closed for a very long time. But hopeful.

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