Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A friend pondered where 2013 will take us. I said I would make a list and look at it at the end of the year and see how close I was. Kind of forgot about that getting his with the unaffordable rent increase. I was going to write the positive changes I would make, such as living in a nice, clean, modern apartment with stove and heat; get skates, try to see if skating would heal that pesky what ever it is that makes walking so difficult.

Promised self to get new checks. Chase bought my bank; still using old bank's checks with old address on them. I went to Chase to order them; they do not have prices listed; too tired that night, so did not order them. So glad that I did not. Had it in mind that they are expensive, and since I only use them to pay rent and an occasional gift, not cost effective.

It got cold again. I moved sofa bed back along east wall. Did not like it on north side of room. Did not notice that the back helped block the cold from drafty windows. The tapestry puffs out at times, due to wind, but does seem to help with that draft. I plugged electric heater into power strip that has circuit breaker. Maybe it was when I turned it off one night, went to unplug it that I noticed how hot it was.

The power strip plug was also way hot. Due to neighbor connecting circuit breakers cutting off power to certain outlets, I had to keep unplugging fan to plug in heater, so was easier to use the power strip. Power strip plug is slightly discolored. Omigod, was it burning up? I took a chance using the other outlet. One night the heater cut off, radio clock stayed on, so figured the problem was  heater not outlet.

Concerned, though, I did a web search. Yup, heater is shot, could cause a fire. Or it is using too much amps, use it on low power. Which I started doing, but feeling the cord constantly. It starts to get warm at base of heater where cord connects, I turn it off. Now I am paranoid about starting an electric fire. No baking soda to put it out; not worth the risk.

So sitting here freezing. Remembering homeless days, decide I need to put on more layers. I actually took a nap one afternoon with my shoes on. I hated keeping shoes on 24/7. I am a barefoot type person.

I run the shower to steam up bathroom so I can get warm enough to get undressed and take a shower. Yesterday I started boiling water; put cinnamon in it hoping to get the scent in the apartment. Later I put the pan of hot water in baking pan, next to my feet. Blanket over my lap, covering pan, remove lid to let hot steam escape. Helpful to warm up the feet, but a royal pain.

I think of people sleeping on the sidewalks. Brrrr I remember those days, being unable to warm up for hours after a cold night. Then it rained and I felt even sadder for those without homes. I know I can not do that again. Yet am feeling lost right about now.

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