Sunday, December 16, 2012

While I am here...

While I am here (now that I found the usta be easy to locate link to create a new post) will try to add some posts.

Yeah, right. Looks like we can no longer change publish date, so will be saving this as a draft. Want to keep my post about Jack Smith on top for a few days.

Speaking of the Palace Hotel, several weeks ago I was passing it on the way to Brewitt branch library. Several cop cars, police, others on sidewalk, crime scene yellow tape in front of the Palace.

As I approached the crosswalk, I started to walk along the curb, rather than make my way through the people crowded on the sidewalk. A man with a young child had crossed the street just ahead of me and was told to walk in the street on the other side of the cop cars. I did not like walking in the street, back to Anaheim Street traffic whizzing by, but the man also told me I had to "a lot of glass on the sidewalk," he said.

Well, I did not see any glass along the curb, and not what would qualify as a lot of glass on sidewalk in front of building that appeared to be from a now missing glass door ~ or maybe the door had large windows. I had no intention of walking on a crime scene, perhaps contaminating evidence, just make my way along the curb. Yet I had to follow the guy and child onto the street.

We passed a line of young people sitting on the curb, hands cuffed behind their backs. Did not want to be rude and stare at them as I walked past so did not get a good look at a man, the only one in the crowd who had a criminal look about him.

As we passed them, another cop, big, burly (or overweight, heavy-set?) yelled at the man for walking in the street with his child ~ should be on the sidewalk or something like that. This cop turned away from me, so I stepped in front of him to tell him the guy (pointing) back there told us we had to walk in the street. He was not interested, not that I think he would care. Get your acts together guys! The guy who made us go into the street did not appear to be a cop, rather smiley, maybe a Palace employee.

On my way back from the library, the crowd had thinned. The girls were being helped up off the curb, cops all solicitous, some had handcuffs taken off, most were herded into a paddy wagon. We were allowed to walk past on the sidewalk; I stepped around the wee bit of glass still there. At the corner, I watched a girl being put into back seat of police car, she was all laughing, the cop all smiles, bent over the open door talking to her.

She was quite pretty, heh, heh, and he was young, and okay attractive looking. I began imaging a story "How I Met My Wife." Easy to tell flirtatious despite not hearing their words clearly.

The thing was, all these young girls were clean cut, full make up, pretty, and the only way I can think to describe it is: they were dressed like hookers. Low cut blouses, tight clothing, fishnet stockings, very mini short shorts. I do see high school girls who dress in clothes I feel are inappropriate for school, maybe I am an old fogy. This was early afternoon, not as if they were dressed to go out clubbing, likely no of booze serving clubs, but maybe a house party. Or maybe young girls dress that way to go shopping at the mall.

Who knows? I sure do not; not a word of the commotion or arrest in any of the local newspapers, nor on LBPD website. To me this is local news. I do not know if I ever saw a mass arrest, people being loaded into a real live paddy wagon. Because the door was shattered, because I know the Palace houses homeless youths, because I have smelled refer more than a few times as I walked past one of the security guards posted outside ~ I want to know what happened!

I also want to know why a helicopter circled around my neighborhood, including over my building for over an hour at 2:30AM one recent night, or should say, early morning. Shoot, I want to know why helicopters circle at any time of day or night, especially the ones of long duration.

I do not need names of people arrested, just want to be aware of what crimes are happening in my neighborhood ~ and all over the city. I do not need a lot of details, except, still curious about those young gals. I knew it would be rude to whip out the cellphone to take a picture. Considered questioning one of the cops or other men still standing there ~ "I am a Yahoo Contributor, and would like to interview you for a news article," I might have said.

No paper to write down names, yeah would look real professional scribbling on a bus schedule page; but my confidence to do stuff like that gone with my gone front teeth. Too bad I could not overcome that, and also, could not read all about it the next day's paper.

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