Saturday, December 15, 2012


Okay, I was wrong, there is a way to backdate posts.

Need to take a break. Best laid plans, I intended to take a longer walk to laundromat on 10th Street. Have kept my word not to patronize the AM/PM mini-mart since the clerk refused to check the register and give me back my $10.00.

Have done several loads of laundry in the sink. Tired of that. Hands not strong enough to wring dry them sufficiently as they were when I was young. Walking to get groceries at the closest store I keep passing that laundromat. A duh moment. Likely same distance to Laundromat on Anaheim Street, but do not have to walk up the hill. That one is always super busy; not like walking 'round corner to wash clothes, heading back home if no washers available.

Do not know if I ever used this 10th Street laundromat, but it looks quite large ~ unlike the AM/PM small one.

It is a trial for me not to go into the AM/PM for a cup of real coffee or when starving, wanting something hot, but cheap to eat, fast. Have been walking to McDonald's for a burger instead, but miss convenience of the 'corner store'.

Luckily Food for Less is opening on Wednesday ~ hooray ~ no more busing for bread or walking a mile for same. Hopefully it is true and will get food for less than I have been spending at the 10th/Cherry street marker. Superior, downtown, better as far as pricing, but a pain to bus there and back, rather than walk to it from library. But both of those markets are geared to the Latino/Latina market and hard to find what I want.

Okay, so I got a bad start this morning. I checked e-mail, found one from CBS saying I successfully shared my Yahoo info. That meant I had to open Yahoo to remove permissions. I wanted to post a comment, and did not want that to involve my Gmail account, so why did Gmail get the e-mail, not Yahoo mail. Whatever.

While there I decided to check Yahoo news, then decided to check out Yahoo Contributor, then started reading all the short article from people living in Connecticut about the horrendous tragedy. Okay, so laundromat tomorrow instead...

Procrastination, love it.

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