Friday, December 14, 2012

Newton Connecticut

I wonder how many places I have misspelled Newton in the past few days.

Having just finished the book America, You Sexy Bitch, as events unfolded in Newton, I was wondering about Meghan McCain's thoughts. I also did a few web searches to see what comments Mitt Romney made about this tragedy. Seems he made none.

Even though Meghan is pro-gun culture, she actually agrees with Michael Ian Black about the need for more gun control regulations, specifically applied to automatic, rapid fire weapons. I never remember the names of such weapons, machine gun type firearms. I do not think either Meghan or Michael or Senator Feinstein have considered how they would enforce laws banning certain weapons. All they can do is provide for more penalties when people use them to kill others or even wound others.

I mean, what do those who demand more gun laws propose, federal and local agents knocking on all household doors searching premises for weapons? Felons are not allowed to own guns. Yet a felon, a deported one at that, shot two police officers here in Long Beach during a routine traffic stop (December 2006). Like we do not have any drive by shootings and deaths here, because of laws restricting gun sales and ownership.

I have no answers. If Adam Lanza was the shooter using his mother's guns, she owned them legally. If no one was allowed to own guns of any type at all, maybe she would still have had them. True enough, if she did not have them, this horrific carnage may not have happened.

This post has nothing to do with homelessness; since I am here today trying to deal with the new ugly Blogger dashboard, will be posting this dated on December 14, 2012, the day of the unspeakable tragedy in Newton Connecticut.

I tend towards being unemotional ~ yet this one has me constantly wiping tears from eyes, even days later. I have an aching feeling of reaching out my arms giving long distance hugs of love to all citizens of the town, but most especially parents who lost children,  and loved ones who lost adults (teachers, principal). My heart aches for all children who were present in the school and all parents everywhere who need to deal with this ~ explain it to their own children, and also worry about their safety when they send them off to school in the morning.

All I can think is "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Attitudes are contagious. There is so much hatred expressed in comments at various places around the web. People like Glen Beck spread misinformation, geared to enrage, and advocates getting guns to kill them before they kill us. With hateful talking heads like that, is it no wonder gun violence is at an all time low ~ yes, school children have died due to bombs, yes, we routinely slaughter innocent children in other countries in the name of war, but, no, we do not generally have people opening fire on 5, 6-year-old children at their school.

Or shoot strangers in movie theaters, in malls, on college campus'. As long as I remember people have always shot and killed exes in jealous rages; people have always been shot in robberies; co-workers have been gunned down by an employee mad at the company or boss or recently fired. But to open fire on elementary school children is a real low.

Blessing to all.

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