Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sean & Danny

Saw neighbor, Sean, at bus stop on 10th Street the other day. Perhaps it is spelled Shawn. I said hello, and think he blushed ~ cheeks reddened as he returned my greeting. Not sure if we spoke any more than that; if so, about weather, is all.

The next day I saw Sean as I approached our block. I know he is a bit of a recluse, so was not going to speak to him. He spotted me as I crossed the street and said, "My second lucky day, I saw you again." Oh, my. I guess I misunderstood the blush, which I took to be shyness or not wanting to talk to me. He repeated that "lucky day because I saw you," several times during the conversation.

I learned that Sean goes to the same libraries and parks that I do. He also has a lot of books of his own. Mostly reads biographies; does not like reading SciFi although he loves the TV shows, Star Wars and all of that. He is also like me in that he does not like audio or e-books. He likes Yahoo, not Google. Encouraged me to keep submitting articles to Yahoo (what are we called again) Voices (contributor?) ~ so what if editors reject them, keep sending.

What a pleasant difference from conversations with Phil or Doug!

After chatting with Sean for several minutes, I continued home using the alley. A man said hello. I had not noticed him on other side of car next to building garage. I said something like, "I have not seen you for a while." He tells me that is because he was going to school; later says, he was in the hospital for 3 days as another reason I did not see him during my walks up or down the alley.

School was for auto mechanic courses, think he said Smog Certification. He sort of mumbles as he speaks. By end of conversation he asked me my name and told me his is Danny. I am hoping he is just being neighbor friendly, but of course, I do not trust men's intentions.

Could say Danny is a back yard mechanic, except there is no actual backyard, just uses the parking spaces in front of garage to work on cars. That day he introduced himself, he also mentioned that he goes to people's houses to fix cars ~ not sure what words he used ~ mobile mechanic, perhaps.

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