Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red Flags

Phew, glad I came to my senses and did not go back to where I saw Jay (not his real name) parked by the beach. I wanted to clarify what I had told him about Shorty. So many homeless people went by the name Shorty, yet when we were talking about homeless people we knew, we were talking about the same Shorty.

After coming home, checking my People List and finding a blog post about Jay, I realized he was already gone ~ to  Arizona I now know, so he was not around for all the Shirley/Douglas/Shorty drama. The majority opinion was that Shirley was using Shorty. Yet I remember Valentine's Day...

...Shorty dejected,  moping, when suddenly who comes down the hill but Shirley. Said something like, "Baby, you knew I would be back today." She left husband, Douglas, in Chicago. Shorty wanted a woman (like me) to help him off booze. Shirley was indeed helping him ~ kept him groomed, and drinking less. Jay would have liked to hear that Shorty was getting clean and sober.

After some restless nights trying to figure out how to tell Doug to stop knocking on my door without hurting his feelings, I lost my temper and hurt him anyway.

I was considering letting Jay drive me home, inviting him, mainly so that when Phil or Doug knocked on my door, Jay could answer it, shocking the crap out of them. Bad, bad idea. Jay has a dog. Dogs not allowed on premises which I think is extreme House Rule and Regulation. That would mean we are not allowed to have company if said guest brings their beloved pet along with them.

Hot as it is, the dog would be a problem, could not let the poor thing sit outside locked in the car. What does Mr. Manager care about enforcing House Rules & Regulations, I have been so angry, I was contemplating ignoring that rule. As stated: glad I came to my senses!

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