Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh thank heaven...

In my quest to make time pass, I sometimes walked to this 7/11. The owners or cashiers did not like homeless people coming into their store. Too long ago to recall exactly the first time I went there with my huge backpack. Did not see a sign forbidding them, so just walked over to get my coffee. Got yelled at. After that I did know to take it off and leave it by the front door.

I was with someone at a different 7/11 when he stole from them, so can not say I blame the owners. Except that guy did not have a backpack, just stuck a beer inside a jacket pocket. Think he stole some burritos, heating them in the microwave, walking out without paying for them also.

I never liked leaving my backpack unattended by doors. If someone walked off with it, there went my everything ~ except clothes on my back and wallet. In the case of 7/11 ~ would still have my travel coffee mug.

When I walk past this 7/11, I will always remember the days walking there, sitting on a bus bench for a bit to rest my feet or eat a hot dog if I purchased one. I will also remember days when I was homed, with car, with job, stopping at this 7/11 or the Chinese food place in same strip mall. Nostalgic for the pre-1998 days; depression feelings often come upon me..

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