Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morgue Mama

Evidently Morgue Mama by C.R. Corwin changed names to Morgue Mama: The Cross Kisses Back. The novel is a very short, lighthearted murder mystery, first in a series. The Morgue Mama, as she is called behind her back, is sixty-seven-year-old Dolly Madison Sprowls. The morgue is not the kind where dead bodies are stored; Dolly is Head Librarian at The Hannawa Herald-Union newspaper's morgue. A new reporter, young, sexy Aubrey McGinty draws Dolly into an off-record investigation of the murder of televangelist, Buddy Wing.

There are no homeless mentions in the novel, although the town of Hannawa has some poor neighborhoods, perhaps best described as red-light districts. A minister at a store-front church tells the ladies his future plans include "a day care center, soup kitchen, and food bank for the city's poor." Most often where there is a soup kitchen there are homeless people.

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