Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homeless stuff, generic tote bag

The other morning as I was sweeping and trimming vines, saw a guy I assumed to be homeless. He was in the alley when I took out trash, dumped yard waste in dumpster, seemed to be going through dumpsters or recycle bins. He was still roaming hours later. At one point, he had pieces of cardboard; thought he was arranging them in front of new wooden gate next door. When I went out later, did not see the cardboard there, so perhaps the back and forth carrying, was his way of moving them up further up the alley.

Yesterday (August 20th) I saw this homeless stuff stashed next to building on other side of our complex. So many flies buzzing around the trash can and recycle bin, I did not move in close enough for this photo.

The plastic tote towards the back is red checked. I saw many of those while living on the streets. I believe those bags were given to homeless people in Los Angeles, perhaps from the Mission there. Doubt that I ever wrote about those common totes when I wrote about my homeless in Long Beach memories.

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