Sunday, August 26, 2012

Homeless couple

Walking to July's Food Bank, took photo from across 7th Street.

Thought it rude to take a closer shot after crossing the street. The couple sitting on Parkcrest steps had a lot of stuff with them including a dog. Made me nervous; not sure if dog was on a leash. Due to people arriving to work at Food Bank, plus others there to pick up tickets or even wait upon 11PM serving time, seemed this homeless couple would have had sense to pack up and leave.

Heard snatch of conversation, an excited volunteer telling Person in Charge about a man on the steps molesting a woman. Took me a few to realize he was talking about the homeless couple.

A few days later when I went to Rose Park to read, I saw the same couple. Of course, it would be ignorant of me to move closer, so of course, one can not see the shopping cart, luggage, couple, and dog. Plus, even though I saw a leash, and dog seemed content did not want to mosey on over to get a bit closer photo. The couple seemed to be sleeping at the time.

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