Tuesday, August 21, 2012


When I lived in a dive mobile home park in Riverton, Pennsylvania, I asked the owner if it was okay if I hung a clothes line. He said, "Okay, as long as it does not look like Brooklyn."

If I had not complained to Mr. Manager ~  the morning Chris was hanging John's clothes on the chain link fence, wind blocked by plywood on other side of it, sunshine nil, defeats purpose, methinks, clean clothes lying on top of dead vines, living vines, spider and plant lice city ~ I would not have gotten out House Rules & Regulations to see what it said about hanging clothes. It did not specify clothes, more like do not act like this is Brooklyn hanging sheets, rugs, towels out of windows, blah, blah, blah.

I have done it myself ~ when I first moved into the complex, I slowly cleared all the dead vines, sticks, long needle pine debris, from area directly across from my door. I also trimmed the vines, then worked my along the entire sidewalk ~ front gate to back alley gate, neatening the mess. I also dug out debris from the little gully because when I swept, the dead leaves and pine needles, it was futile  ~ overflow right back onto sidewalk.

I seldom use laundromat dryers ~ my bit to save energy, so yes, at times, I would hang my heavier clothes, jeans and stuff on the fence ~ all cleared, sun shinning directly on them. May have been outside for an hour or two at most. Corey would not see that ~ he worked nights, slept days. Victor also would not see it, because he was at work.

Neighbor Sean often hangs his laundry along the fence at alley gate ~ first I have seen pants hanging on the gate itself. There is also a sheet or something hanging on vines close to Sean's apartment door, so I assume these belong to him. There is also a shirt with sleeves so long, I do not think it could be Sean's, hanging a bit past my Great Room window, and a bit further down, hanging low, something red ~ shorts, maybe ~ with something white ~ handkerchief maybe ~ clipped alongside them.

Someone moved new neighbor's blue tote bag, placing inside the brown bag. I took a peek as I went back to snap this photo ~ an open potato chip bag, open can or cans. Okay, that means new man is storing his trash outside his door. Or tossing it outside rather than take the short walk to place it properly in dumpster.

Disposing of trash properly is among the House Rules & Regulations ~ in my mind that should be common sense. I guess these men do not realize the sidewalk is public access. I do feel like calling Mr. Manager and asking if he ever discussed House Rules & Regulations to tenants. I will not; do not want to complain about new neighbor already, and would not complain about Sean's laundry hanging along fence.


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