Monday, July 16, 2012


Cleaning up bits and pieces of paper today. One had a note: Anselmo. I think the character was in the book Drive.

I had a date with Pete Anselmo. It was right before Christmas. My co-worker, friend, JoAnn Radice wanted to go to Newark shopping. Oops. Due to crowded stores, traffic, we arrived back in Edison, NJ way past the time I was to meet Pete for our date. Perhaps we were meeting up at Burger King.

Mutual friends told me he got so mad he punched the window of his car. Did he shatter the glass? Hurt his hand? Lost to memory now. I liked Pete a lot. He forgave me and we went out for New Year's Eve. No longer recall much about that. Maybe a double date with his twin brother and my friend, co-worker, Sue Levy. What I remember is sitting in the car in the parking lot, kissing. We both fell to sleep.

After, when I heard the song, Wake Up Little Susie, it reminded me of us. He did not call again. I was hurt. I liked Pete a lot. The girls and I had a whatever we called it party ~ not we hate men, but along those lines, why do they treat us so bad, love us and leave us.

Kathy Messina had an apartment but no record player. Thus I went to my brother Richard's apartment to pick up my portable, battery (or electric) operated player. Rich was not there. His friend, Joey wondered where Rich was. Went home to spend the night. I had not seen him. Did not mean he was not there. He could have slept late and I had no reason to be going into his bedroom.

Do not remember Killer Russo saying much, but perhaps he was with me and Joey in the bedroom, going through the stacks of 45's looking for my records that Rich had borrowed.

Time out. But see how one word in a book brings back a series of memories?

The other note on that slip of paper is: Palo verde tree, so off to Google images.

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