Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not A Toilet!

I was surprised to see this sign on a garage door at end of alley behind my apartment complex. Once in a while I have seen a homeless person sleeping somewhere in the alley, even next to my complex back gate. I know some homeless hang around the Ralph's shopping plaza to panhandle, but even when homeless myself, did not know where they slept at night. Still occasionally see the man who used to live in the boarded up cottages one building over, pushing a shopping cart though our alley to rout through trash for valuables.

Yet did not know anyone was using our alley for a urinal like they did in the alley behind my apartment on Elm Avenue. The row of garage doors is below an overhang, so dark when I snapped the image; too dark to show much of the double doors the sign is posted upon.

Lots of dog walking through the alley, perhaps the sign was intended to warn dogs from going up to the doors to empty their bladders. Could also be skunks?

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