Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fit to be tied

Fit to be tied 
Meaning - To be furious.
Origin - This refers to the practice of bounding uncontrollable, dangerous people into strait-jackets...

...according to Buzzle, Origin of Phrases.

I am in control for the moment, yet dangerously close to losing it. Every time I hear Chris cough, anger swells up in where ever emotions are felt. Seems to be in the chest area; the heart? When ever I hear David's voice, especially when he is lambasting his nephew, Patrick, I start having wildly evil thoughts. Such as, visualizing him falling down the steps, being seriously injured.

I fantasize painting a large hex sign on his car, even though I am not sure which car is his and would hate to deface an innocent neighbor's property. I would also loathe getting caught expressing my anger to David, the arsehole manager for allowing my nemesis  Chris to move back into the building.

The good news, is Chris did not move back into his apartment that is directly across from mine. The bad news is, even though he is now diagonally across from me, he still leaves his door wide open day and night; lights left on all night and he still has that LOUD ANNOYING COUGH, Cough, Cough and cough some more.

He seems to have toned down his voice volume a tad bit, yet every time I hear him utter a word, well, I am fit to be tied. I want to cry. How could David allow this? I think David discriminates against me because I am a woman and the rest of the tenants are men.

Phil could have died the day Chris put him in a choke hold causing him to pass out. He might have if Doug had not stopped Chris from choking Phil. How could David knowing this allow the jerk to move back after being gone for two months? At the same time Chris physically attacked Phil, he verbally abused me. Might say he has been bullying me since Day 1 when he moved into the building. Okay, Day 2. He and Bill. Day 1, I chalked up their late night LOUD conversations to excitement of moving; first day in strange place.

I tell myself: Don't think, don't think, in an effort to squash down the anger rising for an explosion. I suddenly start ranting walking from kitchen to Great Room. Hoping, I guess, John would hear me, perhaps assume I am venting to someone over the telephone.

Rules and Regulations do not mean anything here. Long-suffering David's job to enforce them. Knowing how many years and how many times I was forced to complain to David about Chris' violation of said Regs, knowing I finally called the cops to get Chris to lower his radio, how could he do this?

I am not the only neighbor who was thrilled to see Chris go. I am likely the only neighbor who complained about Chris (and John). Perhaps Doug and Phil lied to David, if David ever questioned them about the choke-hold violence. What, does David think I make these things up?

Like Chris' use of the F-word. "I fucking mean it Bill, don't call me anymore. Don't call my fucking house phone. Don't call my cell phone. I fucking mean it Bill." On and on, and on. Until two or three hours later, his tone changed to "I love you." I did not know Chris was homosexual, but wondered about it, due to his constant I Love You's to Bill. When they were not fighting.

Speaking of which, Chris sneaking Bill into the building, minimum 5 times after David banned him ~ after my complaint about a screaming match, expressing my concern due to fight that got Bill evicted and after David got to hear it himself.

David being called to force Chris to open his door (after I listened to John carry on, pounding, demanding, for an hour or more); David yelling for the guys to quiet down (on a night I had not called to complain.) David does not know about Chris trying to help Steve break into Victor's apartment.

I doubt that I complained about all those midnight fights Chris had with John, like clock work, every Friday or Saturday night. The coughing on a daily basis for hours on end started in January 2011. It was such a relief to be able to go to sleep normally, not be woken by Chris' (or John's) noise, wake at a normal time, not woken by sound of Chris' loud cough; or Tony, 1/2 naked talking LOUD.

Fit to be tied.

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