Tuesday, July 03, 2012

El Dorado Park

Should have taken a moment to stoop, try to focus when using phone camera to take this photo. The bird, maybe some kind of duck, was standing on one leg; did not appear to have another curled up under its body. I am guessing the yellow-orange liquid was freshly deposited by the bird. Of course, at the time, I thought if I got closer the bird would hop or fly away. "Always next time," I told self, thinking of all the fowl I would like to photograph.

One was a hefty white swan, rather dirty neck. A brown duck, in comparison to all the wood ducks; white ducks with tufts of feathers atop their heads, wondered if they were in fights or if natural; an odd bird, that seemed to have fear in its eyes, rushing away as I walked. Most of the ducks are oblivious to the many walkers circling the large pond at El Dorado park. Unless, of course, they spot bread, or popcorn being tossed for their enjoyment despite rules saying not to do so.

I have zero recollection of the turtles having moss growing on their shells. Noticed even some of the smaller ones had it. I spent many homeless days at the pond, watching the ducks, or turtles. Thinking, just thinking. Or trying to catch a nap, Always enjoying the sunshine or watching the water sprout fountain.

I did not spend as much time at the park as I had planned to do. Too chilly for me. Did not even sit in the sun reading one of the books just checked out from that branch library. I walked to park from Kmart; 3 miles as per Google maps. Reason I went to Kmart was to buy a stick vacuum cleaner now that my floor sweeper does not seem to hold a battery charge.

Ended up buying a pair of baggy shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and a hat. The stick sweeper said "bare floors". I considered the Dust Devil, cost a little more, but box did not specify if it worked with carpets. Both had the crevice tool. Both in tall boxes. Since I was headed to library, figure I will check Walmart, then can return to Kmart, rather than carry the box. Or order online. 

I should have warn the poncho; forgot I could tie it around waist; wore a cowboy looking shirt used to be my mother's. The sleeve buttons popped off. Been meaning to sew them back on; but then a hole developed near the shoulder. So needed to replace that shirt. Also desperate in need of shorts. Hat was impulse buy.

At Walgreens I saw two broad rimmed hats marked down for clearance. Tried one on. Figure it would be better than the ratty baseball cap I have been wearing since street living days. Did not buy it; will go back, after thinking about it. Put on my "to shop for" list when going to Kmart: hat. Was not like the floppy hat at Walgreens, but I liked it right away. Why I was thinking 40% off meant, a 1/4 off the price is beyond me.

Thought I did not get it at sale price. Um, yes, I did, 40 cents discount...

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