Saturday, July 07, 2012


I type "Boxer" in the title, a memory of me saying something like, "Okay, we can put away the boxing gloves for tonight." Do not know what preceded my comment during the conversation. During that time period, I spent a lot of time at my nephews. He and his wife loved watching the boxing matches on television. He and his friends often took turns hosting Pay-Per-View boxing match parties. The man I was speaking to on the telephone liked boxing.

Had the man said, "You're aggressive, all women are" prompting my quip? Had he made the snide remark because when he told me he was a sex fiend, I had said, "All men are." Gee, I do not know how to use punctuation with quotations. I got ragged about doing it wrong by a Facebook friend, and now concerned that I am not going to do it correctly. Sigh, but this post is not about boxing, it is about a Boxer dog.

Walking home from Post Office branch on Anaheim Street, I saw a man with a dog at the corner of the street I was approaching. As I got closer, crossing the street, I took a good look at the dog and decided it was a Boxer. Thank you, the young man had the dog on a leash; yet I still moved so that I would be stepping on the sidewalk, going behind light pole, rather than walking next to the dog.

The guy was standing up against the building directly next to the mom/pop store's door. Two ladies came out of the store, just as I was stepping onto the curb. I had my eye on the boxer the whole time. As the ladies made their way past the dog, the dog lunges at me. Startled, inches away from his paws, I stepped off the curb.

It was a high curb, lucky I did not trip as I moved out of harm's way. The guy yanked his pet back to him. I stepped back on the sidewalk, turned as I continued my walk to say, "I know you just wanted to say hello, you were not trying to bite me."

Yeah, right! Would think the kid would apologize to me for his dog's misbehavior. What I did not get was why the dog did not try to attack the two ladies; they were so much closer to the dog than I was. I have read that people should not look dogs in the eye as they consider it an act of aggression. Yet I do look in animals' eyes, trying to read them or something like that.

I do believe humans can see a friendly spirit (or angry one) looking through the window of the soul ~ the eyes. This boxer looked mean and angry to me. If our eye contact had shown him to be happy, I may not have moved as far as possible away from him as I walked on by.

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